What the heck does this thing do?

VIO is one of the most advanced and powerful vocal processing apps out there. In short, if you sing into VIO, it'll make your voice sound awesome!

Is VIO available on iPad

Yep. VIO is available on iPad 2 and up.

Does VIO work on all iOS versions?

Nope. In order to build you the best product possible, we had to commit to iOS 7 only. It's faster, more powerful, and more reliable, at least in the ways VIO needed to be.

Is there an Android version?

Nope again. Perhaps one day, but we're focused on building darn good iOS apps.

Is VIO only for novices?

Quite the opposite! VIO offers low and high quality audio formats, is 100% latency-free and allows for some serious preset tweaking in its advanced settings. All of this means VIO is powerful enough to be used on your next album or during your next gig (if you're brave enough).

When and how can I get more presets? These things are cool.

We're constantly creating new presets, all of which are or will be available through the VIO in-app store. If you've already picked up the complete set, thank you! We promise to release more as soon as we can.

I've made something awesome. Does VIO let me share or sync?

VIO has sharing and syncing options built right in. One note: some built-in services, like SoundCloud and Dropbox, require accounts before they can be used.

These questions are obvious. I'm looking for real answers...

We love helping our users. If you need help using VIO, email our support team at support@weareboon.com or contact us on Twitter (@vio_app).